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Online chess is a classic ancient board game.  In this game, you need to grasp the position of each chess piece carefully. Only if the king of the other side searches for the threat of capture and it has no legal action to prevent your occupation, then you mean to win the game.

Online chess game settings

In Online chess, chess is played on an 8 * 8 chessboard, and the rows on the chessboard are marked as 1 to 8, which are called grades.  Columns from a to h are called files.  If you are controlling white chess pieces, put them in the first and second levels.  And the seventh and eighth levels.  Starting from the A file, one car, one knight, one bishop, one queen, one bishop, one knight and one tramp;  Players with white colour go first, then move alternately.

Online chess game results

There are many draws in Online chess.  For example, when neither side has enough pieces to execute the other;  Repeat the same board position three times.  For 50 rounds in a row, there is no move or capture of chess pieces;  The latter situation is that both sides agree to draw.

Online chess’s game features

During the move, you must complete the step within 60 seconds.  Before the game is confiscated, all your actions will be completed in 15 minutes.

Online chess is an online game that chess lovers cannot miss. Here, you can not only have opponents playing chess but also learn and apply various skills in fighting. Free cell is also a skillful game. The more likely you are to be the one who wins, the least you have to do.

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